Green Schools

March 4, 2022

2nd Class are engaging with the Picker Pal Programme in an effort to reduce litter in our school and home communities.

Our Lady of Lourdes proudly holds four Green Schools Flags. In 2012 we achieved the Litter and Waste flag, followed by the second flag for Energy in 2015. While maintaining our previous flags, we decided to go for flag number three, the Water flag. We were successful in doing so and raised the flag in 2017. Our efforts didn’t stop there, as in 2020 we were awarded flag number four, the Travel flag.

Today, Our Lady of Lourdes is working towards the fifth Green Schools flag for Bio-diversity. The committee, which is made up of two representatives from 1st – 6th class, meets on a monthly basis. The girls have carried out class and staff surveys, drawn up habitat maps and have created awareness throughout the school about what Bio-diversity means. All the while, ensuring that previous flag objectives are being achieved. A whole school effort is being made to turn off lights, taps and whiteboards when not in use.

Our Lady of Lourdes continues to hold environmentally friendly themed days such as Walk on Wednesday and Scoot to School!

We hope to achieve our golden fifth flag by the year 2023- Watch this space!

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