Community Gardens

May 19, 2022

The Ballinlough Community Gardens are located in the Japanese Gardens. The Scouts, the Deaf Enterprise, the Briginis and lots of Ballinlough schools have been designated a raised flower bed to take care of.


6th class are in charge of maintaining the two Our Lady Of Lourdes beds. We have been down there twice, removing stones and loosening up the soil. It is great fun for us, fresh air and exercise, a break from Maths and most importantly, it is great for the environment. We’ve come across all sorts of worms and caterpillars, even the odd centipede!


We have made plans to lay down compost on our bed to make it easier for the flowers to grow healthily. We also have an assortment of plants and flowers in our room, ready to be planted!


The woman who runs it, Claire Gallagher is always so kind and welcoming. She’s always open to helping us and she loves for us to help her!


Long story short, the Community Garden is a lovely, relaxing and enjoyable place where we can learn about flowers and weeds instead of equations and radii!!!

By Evelyn McCarthy

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